Thursday, December 15, 2011


This year, we went to Will's Mom's Family's farm for Thanksgiving. The farm is in Georgia, and the weather was in the seventies. Heaven on earth after flying out of a freezing cold Chicago.

First we went to Jody's house in Atlanta, which looked straight out of an issue of Southern Living.

I really dressed up, obviously.

This is Bentley. He and Casey are bff4e.

The next day we went to the farm for Thanksgiving. There were like 45 people, and cows, and chickens, and a cat that was like a dog.

I love cows. 

Leslie the cow whisperer. 

SUNSHINE. AND GREEN GRASS. Why did I move from the South?

I think my favorite part was that I did not have to explain what Speech-Language Pathology was, or that no, we do not just fix speech impediments.  Didn't have to explain all of that even once.

My other favorite part was that there were these huge pickle jars full of SWEET TEA. WHY did I move away from sweet tea?

Obligatory football game because this is 'merca.

Those braids just about killed me.

That night and the next day we spent in Athens, where Christo is in law school.

We toured the campus, and ate, and made merry. It was wonderful.

No, I do not have any idea wtf was going on with my hair.

Cheers, Ash

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